Gwendoline Ferru was born in 1988 in Zürich and grew up multilingually. In 2007 she graduated at the Literargymnasium Rämibühl with art as her elective subject. She spent a few years of her life in Paris and in the Aquitaine, where she travels to frequently to reconnect with her roots. An important part of her inspiration originates in the naturist lifestyle, a concept explored by her family on both sides for three generations. The aim is the connection and exploration of life and its mysteries through nature and corporeality. From infancy, she has used different artistic media to live her creativity. The focal point that has emerged in the last few years is the exhibition and conception of images through painting. In 2008 Gwen started taking classes in art therapy and has included the acquired knowledge in the reflections about her artwork ever since. The young artist works for the ability to express what moves her and to share her evolving perceptions of aesthetics. It is a learning process which the viewer can witness over the spontaneous and expressive variety in her visual language. Changes as well as constants in style, technique and visual language draw attention to the intuitive-imaginative relation of the artist to her tableaus.